There is a new and painful awareness of time once you have a miscarriage. There are a lot of “this would have been the day that” that occurs in my mind and heart.

The past few weeks there have been a handful of those days. The year anniversary of our first doctor’s appointment where my husband got to see our baby’s heart beat, a few days later when I miscarried, and then a week later, our second known pregnancy’s due date.

The year anniversary of my miscarriage landed on a Sunday. My husband and I were in Manhattan running a few errands. My husband and I have always been on the same wavelength, usually having a pretty good idea of what the other is thinking. Ever since our infertility journey has begun, I feel there’s so much we know already without even having to say it. That day was no different.

“Where to next?”
“Can we get a balloon?”

We picked out a balloon in the shape of and with the pattern of a snowflake. We took it to an overlook that’s right on Top of The World Dr.

We didn’t say much. Everything we could have said we’ve already said a million times over. We miss you. We love you. We wanted you here with us.

It was not all that cold that day (mid to high 40s), unless the wind was blowing. At the top of Top of the World Dr., the wind was bone chilling. I untied the balloon from it’s clip and released it. It was quickly swept away, dancing over the hills.

It’s a lot easier to release a balloon than to lose a pregnancy. Watching it get smaller and smaller, being carried away farther and farther, I could not help from thinking how heartbreakingly metaphorical the moment was. I would never hold the balloon again. I would never have my baby back.

I looked back to see where we had parked, trying to determine if I could watch the balloon travel from the warmth of the car. When I looked back, I could not find the balloon in the sky again. Steven tried to help point it out to me, but no luck. It was gone.

I do not know why I wanted to do a balloon release, really. It was a testament to what we once had, a loving memory, and the strength that we had to get through it. It did not make me feel better, not in the way that maybe I thought it would have. It did not make me feel worse, though, and maybe that’s why it’s a “release” after all. I will never get over our losses. I’m not going to ever shrug it off and say “oh well, we can just have another.” I wanted those pregnancies, I wanted those babies. I do not believe in the afterlife, heaven, or any God, but that moment in time, I felt connected to those pregnancies again.

For a brief period of time the “this would have been the day that” did not sting as much.


5 thoughts on “Release

    • Thank you for taking the time to read it ❤
      It's never an easy time for anyone, but I think sharing helps not just me for letting it out into the world but also hopefully helping others who have been through similar situations.

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Just so you know, the March of Dimes has some great resources for parents dealing with losses and infertility. I worked for them briefly when I was living in Baltimore and they do so much good for so many families. Whether or not you take a look, I hope you find solace both in your husband and in others who have experienced the same thing.

  2. So, I was scrolling through on IG and saw something that caught my eye. Then I checked out the profile and sure enough, I know what the angel babies represent. Then I bounced over to your blog because well, I like to write, I have at least one angel baby, I blog and I live near Manhattan/JC. So there’s all of that, but mostly, even though I’m only a few posts into your blog – sometimes it’s good to know you’re not alone in the infertility game. Do whatever you need to in order to get through it in as good of shape as you can (terribly formed sentence, my apologies). I didn’t include my blog(s) because one is dark (because infertility sucks) and the other looks like everything is roses (and yes, we have a hard won kiddo). If you’re interested or need an ear, let me know! I’ll keep reading now. AnneR

  3. Kristen,
    I just want to say that I came across your blog a little over a week ago, after suffering from my own miscarriage. It is so soothing and comforting to read the emotional struggles of someone else that has been through the same thing. It is as if I am reading the words from my own heart. it is a good feeling to know i am not alone. Thank you for being brave and putting yourself out there.

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