100 Happy Days ♥ Days 21 through 30

Well, well, well! I have some catching up to do! With our lack of internet since we moved (see my update here), I’m a little behind on posting my 100 Happy Days here on my blog! If you follow me on Instagram, though, you’ll see I stayed up to date and sacrificed the data usage on my cell phone.

In case you are new to my blog, I have been taking part in the 100 Happy Days Challenge and I have been posting my daily happy onto my Instagram account @CameraKristen. I chose to do this challenge because January was a tough time for me, my husband and I lost our first pregnancy after having tried for almost two years. I was devastated and found it hard to be happy. They say that with time the wounds will heal, but it doesn’t hurt to try a little extra to find HAPPY in each and everyday.

100 Happy Days, Days 1 – 10 & 11 – 20

Monday, April 21st 2014

The packing went into SERIOUS mode that day. When my makeup goes into bags instead of strewn about a counter space, it means it’s almost time to either move or go on vacation!

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014

That day was a little bit harder to find my happy. Everything of ours that could be taken apart or down from the walls had been (except for the clock, of course) and everything that was not going to be eaten was packed! Our neighbors started to party around 2 in the afternoon: beers, yelling, and their new favorite game of stump (also known as nails or hammerslaugen). In that situation, I tried to zone them out however I could. My favorite photo editing app Afterlight added this new frame, and I used it to express me imagining I was in my happy place: California!

Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

That day we did a bit of wondering around downtown and at the end of it, my husband got me this cute little bouquet of flowers!

Thursday, April 24th 2014

After a day of final checks of everything being packed, everything ready to be moved, and everything in between – happiness was putting my feet up and watching Bob’s Burgers with the husband.

Friday, April 25th 2014

We got the keys to our new house! It’s kind of weird when you move into military housing – they show you the place after it’s been reserved for you – and you can either say you want it and take it that day, or say you do not AND back on the waitlist you go! Luckily – WE love it!

Saturday, April 26th 2014

MOVING DAY was absolutely hectic. My happiness was this photo that was sent to me by my mom, showing that no matter what home we have, our real home is always beautiful California.

Sunday, April 27th 2014

We unboxed everything, tried to put away what we could, tried to organize the furniture to the best of our abilities, AND we tried to recover from the previous day. Bottle of beer: well deserved!

Monday, April 28th 2014

I had put away the major things on Saturday, and Sunday was the day to put together the rest of the puzzle pieces. CHAOTIC indeed!

Tuesday, April 29th 2014

It was a rainy and gloomy day and was actually cooler – very much appreciated on my part! We started to venture around post (which even though we’ve lived in Kansas for a year, we hardly know our way around the actual post area) and it was really nice to just be driving around without a load of items in the car with us!

Wednesday, April 30th 2014

We said goodbye to our first Kansas home! It was cute, but very outdated. A lot of hard times were had in that house, but some very good visits with people we love happened there too!

If you would like to see my daily posts as it goes along, follow me @CameraKristen on Instagram! If you are taking part in the challenge or are thinking about it, let me know! Let’s be happy together! ♥


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