Packing Tape, Veterinarians, & Happy Thoughts

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post! For those of you who care, thank you, and my apologies! Life got hectic and by the time I had a moment to sit I could not muster out the words.

As soon as we finally found out that we were going to get to move on post we started packing up our current house. When our renting company found out that we would not be renewing, the owner decided to sell the place. They showed it a few times before it even went on the market, and it sold then too. The house was cute for the showings at least, but after that, everything went into boxes! There’s still two weeks until we get the keys to our new place, but everything is off our walls, taken out of closets, and put into boxes! We’re ready to go!

We’ll have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and no basement – JUST in time for tornado season! We’ll have more room than we know what to do with and hopefully MUCH better neighbors. Even then, we will not be sharing any walls with our neighbors (unlike most post housing). We will share a driveway area but that is it!

My cat, Tayte, is one of the main reasons why I have not posted recently. Last Thursday she started to get VERY sick. We took her to the vet on Friday, and all her vitals were normal and healthy. However, my kitty was throwing up often and acting very lethargic. On Sunday she started to feel better, but still had symptoms of illness. Today, I think she is finally back to normal. I don’t know if she got stressed out due to all our stuff being in boxes suddenly, or if she ate a bug that just did not set right with her.

I have been good about keeping up with my participation in the FatMumSlim Photo Challenge as well as the 100 Happy Days Challenge on Instagram (follow me here)! I’ve definitely been focusing on going out of my way to feel happy, do things that make me happy, and be around those who make me happy. Life is too short to feel anything but happy, but sometimes life gets in the way doesn’t it? Trying to keep that smile on my face. It’s time to start again, get a new chapter going, and all that good stuff! So, please excuse me for my temporary absence, It’s going to be a crazy few weeks more!


3 thoughts on “Packing Tape, Veterinarians, & Happy Thoughts

  1. You are totally excused, missy! I’m so happy that you’re moving to a bigger home (although I think a basement would be helpful in Kansas! :O )! Good luck moving!!

    P.S. 100 Happy Days is amazing; I’m so glad you decided to get in on the fun. I know it has done a world of good for me, finding the happy in every day. ❤

    • Thank you! I’m hoping there will be some form of shelter nearby!
      You were the one who made me want to do the 100 Happy Days! I’d seen it around, but had no idea what it was exactly before reading your post! ❤

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