Californian in Kansas ♥ Winter Edition

It is hard to believe that in a matter of days, my husband and I will have been Kansans for an entire year! We moved from the valley of California to the North East corner of Kansas last April. It was somewhat of a culture shock, and a weather shock mostly. Where we are from it does not snow, it hardly gets humid, and there’s never a tornado warning EVER. Towards the end of last summer I did a post on how different it is here (if interested, you can find it here). When it started to cool down here, I realized that autumn and winter here are also different than what we are use to, for even more reasons. Here are a few more differences I have noticed:

Winter day in Sacramento, CA

  • In California, Ugg boots and scarves are more of a fashion statement than a necessity. Here in Kansas, it gets COLD and stays COLD. When it’s only in the teens and there is a wind chill on top of it, you better believe that fuzzy boots, scarves, gloves, ear muffs – ALL of it is COMPLETELY necessary to be as close to comfortable as you can be outside. Back home, if it dropped into the 60s, I remember seeing girls in mini skirts and Ugg boots walking around campus. The funny thing I’ve noticed here in Kansas is that NOT many girls wear Ugg boots at all! Boots are worn, but not those signature Ugly ones.
  • Back home, if you fight to have an up close parking spot, you are usually considered lazy. A few extra spots behind will not hurt you. Here in Kansas, if the temperature is low enough, frost bite can set in quickly, as short as a three minutes (if not sooner). That closer parking spot takes on a whole new meaning and necessity.
  • Thunder ALSO happens when it’s snowing, Stevie. Turns out Thunder Snows are a very real, very bizarre, thing. You can watch a CNN video of it on YouTube here.
  • More of a similarity, than a difference, but Kansas people freak out when it starts snowing and they’re behind the wheel. Californians have a very similar reaction to rain. You have the people who drive like complete jerks and cannot be harmed by the dangers, and on the other hand, you have the people who are afraid to hit the gas pedal at all.
  • It never rains here in the winter (rain is for summertime thunderstorms). Back home, it only rains (and never snows) in the winter. Californians treat rain as an inconvenience – but really, snow is the biggest inconvenience ever. You do not have to shovel feet of snow off your driveway and walkways. If it’s raining the hardest it ever has, you can still go places. Snow locks you indoors and keeps you there!
  • Panic shopping the day/night/hours for food and supplies before a storm is a dangerous sport.

  • Winter day in Fort Riley, KS

    They kept saying that this was going to be the worst winter Kansas has seen in 10 years. Considering we had nothing in comparison to the “Blizzard of Oz” they had last year before we got here, I consider us lucky! Way to slowly break us in, Kansas. I will knock on wood that it’s not a false alarm, and the heavy snowfall is over with! Last year we experienced our first Kansas snow in the very beginning of May!


3 thoughts on “Californian in Kansas ♥ Winter Edition

  1. From CA to KS has to be a complete culture shock! I’m in CO now and this is a complete difference for me compared to the east coast (and not in a good way haha). I have to say KS is one of the places I would dread the most because of the tornadoes. I don’t think I could do it! Do you get many tornadoes in your area of KS?

    • I know what you mean! I don’t know about Colorado, but here, it’s a DRIVE and half to get to stores that use to be a ten minute drive across town before! I did not know what to think of Kansas before we moved here, but luckily, we’ve actually really liked it – minus the snow of course! Last year we had a bunch of severe weather watches, but the never turned into a tornado. Where we live currently we’re protected by hills, but we’ll be moving soon on post. They had a tornado hit on post in 2005!

      • Ahh, well I’m glad despite the weather & lack of close shopping you like it! And good thing you’re protected by hills lol. Tornadoes & hurricanes are the things I look out for and I try make sure those places are OFF his dream list – no Hawaii, no Kansas/tornado alley states haha. So far, so good 😉

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