Meet My Family ♥ My Sister

HAPPY Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! Hope you are wearing your green, dancing a jig, and having an all around HAPPY go LUCKY day! For me, today is a fun day to wear one of my favorite colors, put food coloring in food and drinks, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, celebrate the birth of my sister!

As apart of my Meet My Family through Old Family Photos I would like you to introduce you to the bestest sister any girl could ask for. My sister is flawless at all times, but she is not always a fan of old photos of herself nevertheless. SO I hope that, sister, if you are reading this, approve of the photos I chose.

My sister was born with a full head of beautiful, dark, dark hair.

Our maternal grandparents always showered her with love


My sister & mother looking like models in the wind

That skirt, those boots, & that smile!

They’re still close friends today.

My sister loved dolls and kitties most!

She was just a few years younger than our cousin, Johnny.

Absolutely perfect!

When she was eleven, she got stuck with a stinky little sister.

My sister is a beautiful, smart, and kind person. She has not always had it easy, and I’m sure having a bratty little sister eleven years younger than her did not make it any easier. Through thick and thin, no matter the occasion and no matter the circumstance, my sister has always been one of the most patient, forgiving, and loving people I have ever known. From 1700 miles away, I love you sister & hope you are having an amazing birthday!

P.S. It’s PADDY not PATTY! ♥ Happy St. Paddy’s day everyone! Happy Birthday seeeeester!


2 thoughts on “Meet My Family ♥ My Sister

  1. Aw I got a little teary eyed. Really great to see all those photo flashbacks and read your sweet words. Love you so much sister! I am so blessed to have the sweetest, funniest, smartest, most amazingly beautiful sister. Always thought so 😉 Miss you terribly! XOXO

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