Meet My Family ♥ Paternal Grandparents

After reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs my love of photography and all things related has grown even more. I am a lover of photographs, and especially of those that had captured people whom I love.

So I started this “series” of old family photographs (Introduction post here). It’s funny, I thought this would be easy to do because it’s just photos and me telling a little bit of the story behind them. Going through the large amount of photos I have, I find myself in tears. These are not just photos I love, but also people I love, and memories I love. Some, and sadly most of the people in this particular set, are of people who are no longer here.

Today, I’m sharing a few photos of my paternal grandparents, my Grandmother and my Grandfather from my Dad’s side. My grandma died when I was only a month old and my grandpa passed away when I was three. As much as I try and want to remember, I have no memory of them. Looking through photos of them, I see the family resemblances that cannot be denied. Something about them, the camera did not just capture their smiles, but it captured their personalities too.

My grandparents met at a city dance in Oklahoma in the 1930s. When they got married, my grandfather was 20 and my grandmother was 17. Their first child, my aunt, was born when my grandma was only 18.

Since there were no jobs, my grandpa moved to the Los Angeles area and worked until he could send money to my grandma. She drove out to California to join him. They soon had another baby girl.

They moved up north and my grandpa built their new home. They had three more children, three boys, my uncles and my dad was the youngest (pictured in the front).

I have a weakness for photobooth photos. The photos they took are some of the cutest I’ve ever seen.

My grandfather was nicknamed Popeye after his extremely large forearms. He even had the anchor tattoo to match.

I only know that it’s my grandma and grandpa in this photo, and nothing else. I’ve always been drawn to it, though. The fact that it’s blurry makes me curious. I wonder if the person taking the photo tried to snap it quickly, but my grandpa caught them with the camera. OR maybe my grandpa is saying “Hey! Look out!”

Taken at my aunt and uncle’s wedding in 1963.

Cutest couple in a photobooth EVER award goes to…

Think what you will, but I think my grandma was FLAWLESS.

My grandpa lost the tips to two of his fingers when they were ran over by a train (I have not heard the whole story behind this yet).

Taken on a trip to Oklahoma in 1967

I almost missed the person napping on the swing behind my grandpa. I think that is my great-grandma, his mother-in-law.

The whole family! My dad, once the smallest, towered over everyone there in the back. This one was taken on October 20th 1974.

Drinking wine together on their anniversary, early 1980s

I cannot begin to explain how difficult it was to narrow this post down to fifteen images! When I look at these photographs I see where I got my sassy sense of humor, that’s for sure. My heart breaks that I never got to know them, but I am so glad that I have so many photos to remember them by.


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