Saturday Seven: Vol. 3

This week we got to experience our first snow days ever! Although we would LOVE to pass on the ridiculous amount of snow (6″ last weekend and another 13″ on Tuesday), it was really nice having my husband home. The snow is pretty when we are safe at home, but the rest of the time, I think it’s just a huge hassle.

Lesson Learned:
SO Yesterday’s post caused a bit of an uproar within our families. I would like to say that I am sorry if it alienated those we love. I do not want to apologize for saying what I feel, because that’s not fair to me or our situation. However, I do realize now that there were a lot of people who were concerned for us, just did not know what to say, and so it is unfair of me to say that they did not care at all. That’s not what I meant, but I understand if it came off that way. I know now that a lot of people, especially on my side of the family, reached out to my parents, but I was unaware. I hope that everyone can understand our standpoint, especially being halfway across the country, that if you do not reach out to us personally, the distance feels that much greater. It has been a very lonely time for us. It was not intended to be as harsh as it was received, and for that, I am sorry.

Listening To:
Third week in a row, I have been stuck on the Circa Survive Pandora station. Still stuck on anything Anthony Green, Explosions in the Sky (which one of their songs is currently on an Olympics commercial!), Band of Horses, and Sleigh Bells!

I’m still working on The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel by Diane Setterfield! It’s really good, but I’ve not been reading as much this week.

That Happy Feeling:

BarbieThePig is the cutest mini pig EVER!

The Olympics! (Image from NBC Sports)

& Sundry:
So much snow! On Tuesday it was almost impossible and downright unsafe to go anywhere. Wednesday was better, Steven and I were able to grab lunch at McAlister’s, but the roads were still pretty hard for our little car to navigate. Thursday I returned to the doctor as a follow-up to previous miscarriage appointments. My HCG (pregnancy hormone) is only a few points off from normal. So, the road to recovery, at least for my body’s insides, is underway. Yesterday we wandered into our local K-Mart which is closing. I broke my promise of NOT buying any new makeup, but really, it’s just silly to pass up 30% to 60% off! But that’s it! I also managed to lose my voice cheering for the American team during last night’s Opening Ceremony!

The Plan:
Steven and I are not big on most professional team sports, but we do LOVE the Olympics! Figure Skating, Curling, Slope Style, etc, we will be watching and cheering for USA! I also need to read. I’ve completely fallen behind on all the blogs I follow, I want to dive into my current book, and just get lost in words. Maybe most importantly, I think I will take an honest attempt at getting us into counseling in regards to our miscarriage. I do not know how or if it will help, but it cannot hurt.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Seven: Vol. 3

    • Me too! As of last Thursday they were still above normal, but not by much!
      I WISH that was my pig! She’s just a lovely creature I found on Instagram 🙂 I show my husband all the new pictures – and I think he’s been researching how to get us a teacup pig! Soooo adoreable!

  1. One of the things I talked about with my therapist is the reactions and actions of the people around me. I told her that I can’t seem to find a happy medium. People are either not contacting me enough, or they are smothering me. No one seems to be doing anything right, and I feel like an asshole. She said that I need to be kind to myself and understand that I am going through a lot of emotional turmoil right now, and I can’t beat myself up, or beat up the people around me.

    She also said something very important: The way other people respond is almost 100% about them and their feelings, and nothing to do about you. So, those who are smothering me are doing so out of concern and helplessness. Those who are not reaching out at all are doing so out of the inability to know what to do, and likely think I want to be left alone. She said to not internalize any of it, and just be easy on myself and others.

    I don’t know if any of that will help, but it definitely helped me. Also, it can be turned into a positive experience/learning lesson for those who have been silent. If you gently ask “why were you silent? Why didn’t you reach out?” And they most likely say, “I just didn’t know what to say,” you can take the opportunity to teach them that all they need to say is “I’m so sorry, I’m thinking about you.” They can even go so far to say “I don’t know what to say.” Show them that it’s not about having the perfect words, but just about letting you know that they care. I’ve done that with a few of my friends and it’s been a really positive experience.

    This is a difficult time. Eventually it’s supposed to get easier (so they say… lol). keep on with the self-care and, with time, the pain won’t be so acute. (That’s my plan anyway… *sigh*)

    ❤ B

    • I really like what she said – especially trying to not be so hard on others. I was not really trying to be, but especially with everything going on back home and everyone showing support to those who need it, I got resentful. Like, hello?! Where were you guys a few weeks back when it was US who needed them? BUT I try to let it slide.. Other than having a blog, I’m not SUPER social. I’m not shy, I just really like being home.
      I hope whoever THEY are, they are right about it getting easier with time. I believe it, I just have not quite felt the effects of it yet.

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