Snow Day in Kansas

They’re real! Snow days do really happen!

So, if you did not know, I’m from the golden state, California! I’m from Sacramento, to be more clear. That’s about a seven hour drive to Los Angeles ON A GOOD DAY. We were about an hour and half drive from San Francisco, or if you wanted to drive in the other direction, Lake Tahoe. We lived in the valley (no, no. Valley girls do not talk like that in real life). It snowed maybe twice in the twenty-six years that I lived there – and it melted within an hour or two.

I’ve never been that excitable about snow. As a kid, when I was out of school and my parents offered to go to the snow, I opted to sleep in instead. Mention a day to the beach, though, and I was up and ready before dawn. I’m a southern Californian at heart with Northern/Central Californian tendencies.

When asked by friends and family back home what it’s like to live where it snows, I think they expect me to say something exciting and how different it is. Snow to Kansans is no different than Californians and rain. There are the people who drive like jerks because they believe they are untouchable, and there are the people that lose their mind and drive slower than molasses on a cold day. It makes driving a little scary, because you might slip on ice (but back home it was oil and grease on the roads that made them slick).

Steven got the day off today! We got about three inches of snow last night and we are expecting a minimum of another eight inches during the day today. SO really, he got a snow day because it would be completely unsafe otherwise. It’s pretty and it’s soft. To me, it’s overrated.

I’ve been planning an updated version of my Californian in Kansas post, but a winter edition. This Californian misses the comforts of JUST rain (not like they’ve even seen a lot of that back home this year). When it rains you can still go places, you don’t have to worry about your pipes freezing, you don’t have to spend a lot of time shoveling rain water off sidewalks and your driveway.

Snow is pretty! Snow let me have my husband all day today! Silver lining? Sure. Here are a few photos I took over the weekend after we received six inches of snow:

The Manhattan sign on the hill covered in snow

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it here in Kansas. It’s beautiful here and the people are great! The weather, well, it could be better. I’m a Californian in Kansas, and I am out of my element!


One thought on “Snow Day in Kansas

  1. Gorgeous pictures, Kristen! I especially love the black and whites.

    We were only in California for 18 months, but yeah… nothing really compares, does it? Florida is nice, but do I ever miss Monterey!

    I hope it warms up for you soon!

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