On the Last Day of 2013

I honestly did not know what to title this blog post. The last day of 2013, Thanks 2013, it’s been swell!, 2013 and all it’s adventures?! I started this blog this year, but have not been the very best of documenting my life here the entire time. BUT I think it has come across that 2013 was full of life lessons. 2013 was good, bad, and everything in between! So here’s a “Review” I guess, with pictures!


  • Steven was home for New Year’s, but had to return to Texas for AIT the next day.
  • LOTS of family time! Kidnapping Brittany the morning of her birthday to take her to breakfast and a trip to see my sister and nephews for my oldest nephew’s birthday!


  • Steven became Student First Sergeant of his entire company (over 400 other people)
  • A few Army Wife friends of mine and myself went to see our men for Valentine’s Day!
  • Adventured through San Antonio, went to the Riverwalk, the art museum, and ate lots of good food!
  • Found out that Fort Riley would be our new home!


  • Packing, packing, and MORE packing! Got everything out of our storage unit, packed away everything into boxes, and tried to get everything ready for Kansas.
  • Steven graduated AIT with honors!
  • Quick trip to our favorite place: Monterey, California. It was our way of saying “see you later” to our favorite coast, celebrating our finally being able to be back together again, as well as celebrating our sixth year together anniversary!


  • We stuffed a 16 Ft. Penske truck full of our belongings, towed our car behind it, and drove from California to Kansas in two and a half days.
  • We found our new home in a matter of days and moved in quickly!
  • Got to Kansas just in time for Tornado Season. Severe Weather is something we will probably never get used to.
  • Steven was in in-processing for a few weeks before he got assigned to his new unit!


  • New town, new food! However, Kansas Mexican food and sushi left much to be desired! We did find a good Thai place though!
  • Met new friends by chance!
  • We got the bad news we were dreading. Steven got his orders to deploy.


  • Steven spent two weeks in Kansas City taking part of medical training at the hospital out there.
  • BBQ’s and time spent around the fire at the Kile’s!
  • Steven’s company had a farewell BBQ at Lake Milford, the largest, and prettiest lake in Kansas!


  • Fireworks in Kansas are not only COOLER but extremely less in price in comparison to those we are used to in California!
  • My parents came to visit for several days! Got to show them around Fort Riley, had my dad try sushi for the first time in Manhattan, and got to explore the Wizard of Oz museum in Wamego!
  • Steven got issued his multicams (booooo!)


  • Steven deployed in early August. It took him an entire week to get to where he needed to be.
  • I was again attached to my phone. Talking, texting, face timing with Steven, friends, and family.


  • Steven was getting used to the hot weather in Afghanistan, working in the med center, and trying to touch bases with home as much as possible.
  • I began testing for a possible pituitary tumor, which ended up being a microadenoma (small tumor). Began the process toward treatment.
  • I finished my office! I got all the frames and other items painted and up on the wall. DONE for now, that is.


  • Second year in a row, Steven and I spent our wedding anniversary apart.
  • My forever friend, Heather, and her husband John, came for a visit!
  • Steven was awarded the Commendation Medal


  • STEVEN CAME HOME! We got incredibly lucky for a first deployment. Steven was only gone for 13 weeks instead of a full nine months! He was sent somewhere that was already in the process of sending people home, and for good reason! He got to come home and be safe just in time for the holidays!
  • Our first Thanksgiving in Kansas!
  • We watched the tree lighting with our good friends Staci & Nate and their lil, Carter in downtown Manhattan!
  • After a few weeks of in processing, Steven was able to take post deployment leave.


  • Steven finished his leave, and we spent most of his leave relaxing and enjoying him being home again!
  • A few days before Christmas we received good news from my doctor about my pituitary tumor! (but more on that next week or sometime soon!)
  • A few days before Christmas, we got 8.5″ of snow, and on Christmas eve another inch fell!
  • A White Christmas in Kansas, ugly sweater style!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled New Year’s! AND REMEMBER! Enjoy today, eat, drink, and do whatever you want! Tomorrow you start your resolutions! 😉



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