Christmas 2013

I blinked and then the day was over. Christmas 2013 was very different for us, and a lot less busy than previous years, but it seemed like it went by so much faster! Usually we would wake up to the sound of my nephews ready to open presents. We would all huddle together in the living room and spend hours ooohing and ahhhing at what everyone got from Santa. This year, Steven and I woke up at 5:30 (when we usually get up and ready for him to go to work). He was ready to get up and open presents, but I was not! While he watched the already looping A Christmas Story on TBS, I managed to work in an hour or two more of sleep!

When we did get up, we had gifts to open from one another as well as my parents. Steven got a few PS3 games he had been wanting, a man scarf, a beer to brew (he brews his own!), and many other goodies. I got the NAKED and NAKED 3 Palettes, a gel manicure set up, a Betsey Johnson bag, a Doctor Who blanket, and a few other items! In other words: WE GOT SPOILED! Since we are two hours ahead of everyone back home, we had time to play with our new toys and get dressed before they were even up. Thank goodness for technology, because I still got to watch my nephews open their gifts via Skype!

We’ve been lucky enough to find incredible friends here in Kansas! Dinner was at their place, UGLY SWEATER required! Since it was a non-traditional (away from home) Christmas for the majority of us getting together there, we also had a non-traditional menu. For Steven and me, Mexican food at family functions is not all that unusual! BUT This was all Mexican dishes. No ham, turkey, cranberries, NONE of that! AND it was delicious! We also did a white elephant, but I think the receivers of our gifts got the best ones! Steven got a lot of One Direction items (oh man) and I got two frozen drink mixes!

We were able to crash my family’s get together (via Skype again) right before they sat down to dinner. We got to share some good news with them right before the sound stopped working on our end. In that picture you can only see a few members of my family, but they all sure do make my heart happy. This moment definitely made my Christmas!

Steven and I finished our evening at home watching the new episode of Doctor Who. I knew I was going to cry because I knew it was the episode that the Doctor was going to regenerate. I totally understand that this will make no sense to you if you do not watch Doctor Who. If you have Netflix, you should probably go watch a few episodes. You will get hooked! BUT ANYWAYS. Matt Smith has been BY FAR my favorite doctor since the newer episodes have been on. He is my Doctor. I don’t know how to feel about Peter Capaldi as the twelth doctor yet. I’m sure with time, just like all the rest, I will love him just the same. Seriously though, I’m going to miss that raggedy man of a Doctor! Bowties and all. Bowties are cool!

What was your Christmas highlight?!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Now it’s time to prepare for 2014!


One thought on “Christmas 2013

  1. Looks like a beautiful Christmas, even if away from home!
    I fell in love with Capaldi when his kidneys didn’t match his internal colour scheme – I was very unsure about that choice before.
    11th’s your Doctor?! Must’ve been tough! When did you start crying? I pretty much broke when Amy said ‘raggedy man’ – I mean, really?! Cruel. But beautiful.

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