Winter Wonderland Tag ❄

Over the weekend Winter officially began! I am quickly learning the difference between a California winter and a Kansas winter! Saturday night and a little into Sunday morning it snowed eight and half inches here! Back home, it was in the seventies. My husband and I are learning to dress a little bit warmer and drive a little bit slower!

My friend Loey (her blog & youtube) tagged me to do the Winter Wonderland tag, and I’m sure she meant for me to do so on my YouTube channel, but a blog it is!

1. Favorite thing about winter?
Warmer clothes, scarves, hoodies, hot cocoa, and the feeling of the warm and fuzzies! I love watching the snow fall from the warmth of my home!

2. Scarves or Beanies?
Scarves! I am not a big fan of beanies or hats in general. I do like big floppy hats though, but I never feel like they do much for keeping me warm. I have a ridiculous amount of scarves. I recently went through them and donated several, but the majority of them are still in my closet.

3. Favorite holiday movie?Scrooged and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation have been a part of my family’s Christmas tradition since I can remember. They are definitely two that we would always watch together at least once! I also love Elf, the Santa Clause, and A Christmas Story (Which I watch at least twice when TBS plays it for 24 hours straight!), and How the Grinch Who Stole Christmas! I’m also a big sucker for the Hallmark and Family channel original movies!

4. Favorite winter nail polish?
Of course I could not just choose one. Orly’s “Star Spangled” is a very festive red with spakles. OPI’s “I’m Not Really a Waitress” is a darker, shimmery red. Sally Hansen’s “Trouble Maker” is a dark purple. Sally Hansen’s “Golden-I” is a shimmery and sparkly gold!

5. Favorite Starbucks Holiday Drink?
Peppermint mochas! I don’t think I like any of the other winter drinks they offer. Peppermint mochas, though, for sure! A white mocha with a pump of raspberry is available all year round, but I seem to get it more in winter.

6. What are your top 3 winter essentials?
Friends & Family (I’m counting this as one) because the holidays are just not the same unless they are shared! Hot Cocoa because it’s delicious and keeps me warm! WITH marshmallows preferably! and warm, fuzzy socks! I have a ridiculous amount of Christmas themed socks.

7. Name one item on your wish list this year.
Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette. Isn’t it on EVERYONES? The colors are absolutely gorgeous and I think they’ll go great with my skin tone and eye color!

8. Favorite holiday song?
Any and all on Hanson’s Snowed In Christmas album! “Everybody Knows The Claus” is my favorite.

9. Did you go Black Friday shopping this year?
NO! This year Black Friday turned into THANKSGIVING shopping and THAT’S just ridiculous in my book. I would much rather spend time with my family than fight crowds for a good deal. Holiday time like that is irreplaceable! OK – So I was half a country away from my family this year. IT’S the principle of the thing! I did take advantage of Cyber Monday though!

10. Must have winter lip product?
Chapstick, lipgloss, lip balm! Lipsticks that are moisturizing. I don’t have a particular one that I MUST have. I do like deeper shades though!

11. Will you be rocking an ugly Christmas sweater this year?
I think it might even be a requirement! My husband and I got somewhat ugly sweaters to wear. They’re not covered in tinsel or anything like that, but they are not something we would pick out for ourselves otherwise.

12. Have you ever had a white Christmas where you live?
This will be our first Christmas in Kansas and YES! It will be a White Christmas! Back home, in the middle of California, it RARELY snowed and never on Christmas. I don’t think it even rained on Christmas most years!

13. Favorite winter candle scent?
Bath & Body Works Leaves (which is probably more of a fall scent – sorry!) and Hot Buttered Rum! I do like any candle scented like Sugar Cookies, Apple Pie, or Cloves! I’m a lover of most of your typical winter scents.

14. How will you be celebrating this holiday?
This year we will be spending Christmas in Kansas, and with our new friends who have become family! We all will be wearing Ugly Sweaters (I hope!) and instead of a traditional menu, we will be having Mexican food! For Steven and me, this is actually NORMAL. Well, we would have the traditional PLUS Mexican food. We are from California, after all 😉 We’re also planning on watching Matt Smith regenerate into a new Doctor on Doctor Who (And I will, indeed, cry my eyes out). AND HOPEFULLY be spending a lot of time Skyping with the family back home!

Christmas Eve is tomorrow! I’m going to take a few days off of blogging to spend time with my husband and our friends! I hope that everyone has a very fun and safe holiday! AND if you would like to do this tag, HAVE at it! 🙂


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