Social Media vs. Real Life

We now live in a world where YouTube is normal, sometimes you have to say “did you see my Facebook?” before repeating a story, where many news stories first break on Twitter, and you should avoid going on Instagram if you are hungry. I love technology, and I will not deny that I am addicted. I love my smart phone, I do prefer texting to calling, I ADORE my laptop, I post at least once a day somewhere (it’s usually Instagram though!), and I love the convenience of having an app for EVERYTHING. BUT I also think I appreciate these things MAYBE a little bit differently because I did not grow up having all of this at my fingertips. I know people that have, and feel as though they feel if they DON’T post it on social media, it did not really happen. So recently I posted this:

photo from Pinterest.
My captain read:

I love social media because I can keep in touch with friends and family so much easier. I also think it has created a generation of attention seekers. I saw an ecard that read “Your posts are fascinating. How did you learn to say ‘I want attention’ in so many different ways?!” and wanted to share it. But here’s a more positive message. Learn to love yourself for who you are. Love your good qualities and learn to be modest about them. Embrace your flaws and try to improve on them without seeking acceptance from others. We all need assurance once in awhile, but some people are taking advantage. ✋ Please stop. It’s annoying. #BeYourself #LoveYourself #StopSeekingAttention ✌️💛

I keep changing this post as I write it. I am not wanting to rant and rave.

Recently, I found myself so irritated by someone else’s vague, demeaning, yet always self assuring posts that I could tell it was stressing me out a little bit. I “hid” their posts because I still wanted to be civil with them as a human being. Then someone unfollowed them on all social media and said attention seeker made a post about how they could not believe their “drastic” actions. That’s not drastic, that’s a simple press of the button. BUT we have trained ourselves to see this “unfollow” and “unfriend” option as a slap in the face and an insult! This situation has made me realize how important it is to take a step back and live your actual life. I get that saying this is hypocritical when I’m posting it on a blog, a form of social media. But please know I am not asking your approval. I post on my blog for different reasons than that! Mostly I blog because I enjoy writing!

Unplug & live life! Love yourself, appreciate yourself and what you do first. I wish people would post on social media to inform others of what is going on in their lives instead of trying to get others acceptance of what they’re doing with their life. That is all.


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