My Soldier is HOME!

This is actually quite belated because Steven has already been home for almost three weeks! I cannot begin to describe how amazing it is to have him back home, know that he is safe, and be in the same time zone as him again! I feel that we were so extremely lucky, especially for a first deployment. Steven was gone only a third of the time we originally thought he was going to be. He was sent somewhere they are attempting to send people home from, and home he was sent!

We decided to keep his homecoming to ourselves because one: we didn’t know if we could come home and surprise family yet or not and two: It’s so much easier in terms of OPSEC (Operational Security! Keeping important details on military movements and things of that nature quiet!). I love our families to pieces but when it comes to OPSEC, it’s hard to explain to them. They know you cannot say anything that would get Steven and his brigade in danger, but they still ask for very specific details.

My lovely friend, Staci, accompanied me to the homecoming ceremony. It was originally supposed to be earlier in the evening but it got pushed back to late in the evening. I experienced the same feelings I did when Steven was coming home for Christmas last year from AIT and also when he was coming home from AIT for good: It doesn’t feel real until he was in my arms. It was late, it was really cold (I think it was high 20s at that point), and the soldiers were very tired from their long travels. They marched in to “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” by Toby Keith and were immediately released. Got Steven home, he skyped with his mom (and she was ALMOST surprised! A family member in the Army already gave her a heads up that he was coming home soon because of the medal he earned at the end of his deployment. Surprised RUINED!), and he filled his belly full with Chipotle!

Steven will be home for our first Kansas Thanksgiving, Christmas, and crazy snowstorms that are expected! He’s home safe and handsome as ever! 2013 has been one heck of a year and I cannot wait to finish it off with amazing memories with my husband and our Kansas family!


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