The Adventure that was April

This past month has been so hectic. I’ve been in shock all month how quickly time was passing. This month we quickly said our “see you later”s to friends and family, spent two and a half very long days inside a moving truck, and moved into our new home in Manhattan, Kansas.

I don’t have a favorites list this month because I honestly haven’t had enough time to try anything new. Some days I didn’t even put on makeup, and I don’t believe my nails have been painted at all this month! Some days I didn’t even wash my hair, but that I am doing on purpose. I’ve gotten my hair to do two days really well, working on getting three. I want my hair to get healthy again! I didn’t even rediscover anything I already had and love enough to say “HEY! this is awesome!”

I loved April entirely. April, itself, has been my favorite so far. I had my husband the ENTIRE time (well, for the most part. It was as “normal” as it has been since last August!), I tried a lot of new food, saw a lot of new faces, had a lot of new experiences, and I’m becoming a new version of me. This is Kansas Kristen, ya’ll!

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April was full of a lot of highs and it’s definitely ending on a low. Three people I hold near and dear all lost someone over the weekend. But like I said, April started some new chapters. Spring is starting to blossom, and Spring is kind of an interesting season. I always say Spring is my least favorite season (due to allergies), but it’s so darn pretty! So excuse me while I try to make an analogy. Life can bring some struggles, some cold days, some unexpected snowstorms, but sooner or later the season will change and the flowers will bloom again. Yes, it might hurt (sneeze and sniffles and sinus pressure – amongst other things that are not allergy related: sadness and loss), but it’s up to you to see the beauty in those flowers. You can look from afar if need be, ease your way in (take that allegra!), and get yourself back out there. That wasn’t that great, sorry! I meant well.

For me, April was pretty stressful but exciting. We packed our moving truck with the help of our parents, my sister and nephews, and left the next day. We stayed a night in southern California, another in Albuquerque, and the night after that we had made it to Fort Riley. We only stayed on post two nights, another night in Manhattan, and the next day we were moved into our new home. Unpacking seemed like a never ending process. Organizing it all was another thing. It didn’t really hit me that we were so far from home until I went to find a place for a cookbook holder my mom and got for me a few days before we had left home. I haven’t been on post too much, but it seems nice enough. Manhattan, on the other hand, I LOVE! It’s such a cute college town. It has Target and Chipotle, and those were the two things I begged the Army gods for. I should have thrown in a Ross or Marshalls too but hey, there’s one not too terribly far away. Ikea, on the other hand, is an eight hour drive away. I’m starting to finally get used to our house, where everything is, and trying to work out a daily schedule for myself. We only have one car, so I’m stuck being a home body for now. HOWEVER, I am in walking distance of quite a bit, so, it is all good!

I took these panoramas of our living room about a week ago. Still on the messy side, but it’s all coming together!

Anywhos! Here’s to a new chapter, a new (but really, very much the same) Kristen, and a whole bunch of new adventures!


3 thoughts on “The Adventure that was April

  1. Although this blog entry details one of my least favorite events in April (you moving), it is my favorite so far. It has such a happy and optimistic tone it makes it that much more exciting to read! Bravo! I miss you!!!!!

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