Oh dear! It’s been an entire month!

I temporarily fell off the blogging wagon. It is not that I didn’t have anything to say, I think I had too much to say and got overwhelmed! In the last month I have been a very, very busy girl! So, let’s play a game of catch up! Excuse the summarization, but I promise to keep a better log in the next month! In the last month:

I went to San Antonio, Texas! From February 14th – 19th I got to spend some quality time with my husband, my wonderful milso friends, wonder around The River Walk and several shopping places, and ate some good food! It seemed like this time especially, went by so ridiculously fast. When I went to see him for Thanksgiving he had a lot more restrictions on what he could do and where he could go. Now that he is phase five we did not have to spend the majority of the time near his barracks and he could even leave base! He still had to be back to the barracks at a certain time for all night though! 😦

Steven FINALLY received his official orders! We will be reporting to Fort Riley, Kansas sometime in late March, early April! We were totally not expecting Kansas, it was not on his wish list, but we are excited nevertheless! I do not like the idea of being so far from friends and family (and an ocean!), but we’ll finally have our own home together! It’s going to be an adventure! We’ve been looking into living in a town outside of Fort Riley called Manhattan (the little apple), and really, it has everything I mentally begged the Army for! To put it simply, Manhattan has a Target and a Chipotle!

I’ve spent a lot of time going back and forth between my parents’ house and our 10×10 storage unit! I pulled everything sortable out, repacked what I wanted, donated what I didn’t, and spent a good six days doing nothing but that! We had so much stuff packed tight into our storage unit, including a majority of the gifts we received for our wedding!.

I bought our first couch! We have had a couch, but it was a hand me down, and very, very green. I took advantage of the President’s Day sale (I’ve heard that is the very best time to buy furniture) and got a $2200 couch for $1000! Now here’s to hoping it’ll fit into our new home!

I’ve been thrifting! This haul was from several thrift stores when I went towards the end of February! I got a Beatles shirt ($3.99) and two pairs of Gap Jeans (5.99/each) for Steven, Abercrombie & Fitch blouse ($2.99), Old Navy top ($1.99), Marilyn Monroe shirt for a friend ($3.99), two pairs of Old Navy capri pants ($3.99/each), a Yankee Candle candle cover ($4.99), a stuffed animal that looks like one I had when I was a kid ($.99), a Vans Handbag ($5.99), and five vintage books ($2.49/each), FOR a grand total of $51.35!

SO I’m not one to usually say “HEY! LOOK AT THE NEW UNDERWEAR I JUST BOUGHT!” but… The other day I went into Kohl’s and walked out feeling like I had robbed the place! I was so proud of my purchase that I had to share! So, what I got was: T-Shirt for Steven (Normally $24, got it for $9.99), Pair of Glitter Bobs (Sketchers knock off of Toms, normally $45, got them for $10.11), Photo Album (Normally $19.99, got it for $7.99), Lauren Conrad earrings (Normally $12, bought them for $7.20), So colored denim (Normally $36, got them for $5.40), TinselTown colored denim (Normally $44, got them for $29.99), Vera Wang colored denim (Normally $50, got them for $15), Vera Wang pajama bottoms (Normally $38, got them for $11.40), Three Candies bras (One Normal priced, two which were priced as clearance, total of $21.89), Six pairs of Candies underwear (total of $10.05), Apt 9 Bath Towel (Normally $17.99, got it for $7.99), Apt 9 Hand towel (Normally $15.99, got it for $6.99). All their clearance (marked down 40%-70%) was an additional 25% off! Then I had a 30% off coupon and a $10 off coupon for any intimates purchase. I spent a total of $108.46 after tax! My receipt said I saved $346.16! NOT to mention I got $20 Kohl’s cash to come back and shop MORE!

ALRIGHT! So I apologize for throwing that all into one post but – that’s what I have been up to that has kept me away from blogging more! Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day, President’s day weekend, and any other important dates that fell in between! Happy March everyone!


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