The Awkward First Post!

Why hello there! So, I’ve pretty much failed at all other blog attempts in the past, so please, forgive me if this is my only post. I use to be really good at these things when I was in high school and LiveJournal was all the rage.

What a horrible way to start an introduction. I do apologize.

I’ve lived in the valley of California my entire life. My parents got married and I was born a little over five months later. My mother was 40 when she had me, and my father was 33. They are still married. I have one half sister who is eleven years older than I am. My grandparents from my mother’s side were a huge part of my childhood, especially my grandma. I think because of the values she instilled in me, I was a goody-two shoes growing up, and really remain that way mostly to this day. I never played any “sports” growing up, but I did dance. My hobbies have always included writing and photography. I can’t say I’ve been excellent at either but I do try. In 2007 I met the love of my life, Steven. In 2010 we both graduated from Sacramento State University. His degree is in Kinesiology and mine is in English. On October 1st of 2011, we got married. New Year’s Eve 2011 I dislocated my knee during a game of Just Dance 4 (Oh, I wish I was kidding). At the time I was a bank teller, and being unable to stand for long periods of time after my injury, I have not returned to work. My knee is fine now, at least, in all generalities (let’s save that explanation for a possible blog entry of its own), THANK you for asking. In August of 2012 my husband joined the Army. Ever since then, it’s been a lot of hurry up and wait. I currently live in California, my husband is in Texas, and in April we will be somewhere together.

My name is Kristen. I am a twenty-six year old female, married, no children, and at the present time, no job. I’m a work in progress! I have no intention of putting a theme or category on my blog. I’m an aspiring writer and photographer, a college graduate who’s yet to find a typical job, I am a very proud Army wife, and one of these days I might be an expectant mother. I like fashion, and nail polish, and a good television show or movie once in awhile. I am most certainly a thift-aholic. I plan on writing about all those things and more!

So please help me get through my life and bare with me, something big is bound to happen 🙂


One thought on “The Awkward First Post!

  1. Glad to meet another ARMY wife on here! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, and for a first post I’d say it isn’t that awkward. I also have failed at MANY blogs in the past.. having a husband in BCT has def. helped me keep up with it!

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